1. Paper Submission

▪ Is there a limit on the length of the paper?
The full paper should be no less than 8 pages. When paper length exceeds 10 printed pages, including all figures, tables, and references, and extra page will be charged.

▪ Is there a limit to the number of authors?
There can be at most 6 authors.

▪ I want to submit more than one paper to ICISS. How should I do it?
For each paper go to the online submission page and create a new submission entry for the appropriate track. Never submit two separate papers as one submission entry.

▪ How should I do if I miss the submission deadline or cannot submit on the deadline?
You are advised to request for a deadline extension in advance via email or phone (The decision will be taken by the conference committee).

▪ Which reviewing model does ICISS use? Single-blind, double-blind, or other?
ICISS uses a double-blind reviewing model. When submitting your paper, you don’t need to remove any information pertaining to authors and affiliations. The conference secretary will do that after receiving your paper. Papers should be based on unpublished, original work and must be submitted to ICISS only.

▪ When the conference proceedings will be published online?
Tentatively, it will take 3-6 months after the conference. This might differ depending on the number of papers we receive and extension of deadlines if any.

2. Registration

▪ When should I register?
You can register as soon as you receive the acceptance letter. And you need to register before the registration deadline.

▪ I have two or more papers in ICISS. How do I register them?
The basic author registration includes one paper. When you register, you will be able to include extra papers at a discount rate if you are the first author of these papers.

▪ I am a student. Do I get a reduced registration fee?
We do have a student rate. Please check the Registration page.

▪ Can I get a group discount?
If your affiliation is planning to send four or more delegates, you are entitled to a group discount. Please contact the conference secretary for more details. Please note, to qualify for the group discount delegates must be booked at the same time, otherwise additional delegates may be charged at the full price.

▪ My paper has more than one author. Do my co-authors need to pay registration fee to attend the meeting?
Yes, every registration order covers the attendance of one author. If more than one Author is going to attend the conference or to co-present paper, they need to complete the registration and payment process too.

▪ How can I pay my registration fee?
Payments for conference are accepted by bank transfer, credit card, paypal or cash. Payment page gives full details of how payments can be made.

▪ How can I receive an invoice?
In general, the invoices will be handed out at the registration desk on the registration day of the conference. If you want to get it in advance, you can also request for your invoice to be sent to you via email or post.

▪ Can I pay onsite?
Onsite registration is available for listener and presentation only (abstract submission without publication). Please note that you need to pay the highest registration fee when you paying onsite.

3. Presentation
▪ How much time do I have for my presentation?
Normally you have 15 minutes (including questions) for a full oral presentation.

▪ Can I present in some other language or does the presentation have to be in English?
No, the official language of the conference is English and all papers and presentations should be in English.

▪ Are there any format requirements for presentations?
Please use powerpoint or pdf slide formats. We do not have any specific templates.

▪ Can I present my paper as a poster presentation?
Yes, you can register for the conference as a poster presenter. Each poster is displayed in the allocated time period and evaluated by the session chair. Please ensure that you stand by your poster(s) during that session for discussion and questions. The time will be informed with the final program by the conference secretary.

▪ What are the requirements for posters?
The maximum size is A1, in portrait orientation. Other than this constraint, you are completely free to use your own poster template.

▪ How many papers can present by one person?
Maximum three papers can be presented by a person.

▪ How many people can co-present a paper at the conference?
This is not limited. But all the presenters must register to the conference by paying the registration fee.

▪ How do I find my paper in the schedule?
The conference program will be available online 2-3 weeks before conference.

▪ Can my colleague replace me to deliver presentation if I cannot attend the conference?
Yes, delegates may be substituted one week before conference, at no extra charge. Please inform the conference secretary via email or phone with the colleague's name, job title and related information.

4. Attending
▪ How can I get an Official Letter of Invitation for attending the conference?
If you need a travel visa, we will be glad to offer an invitation letter issued by the Committee Board to support your visa application. But please note this will be possible only when your registration and payment have been completed. All details will be available on the visa webpage.

▪ Do I need to book my accommodation directly with the Hotel?
Yes, you are responsible for booking your accommodation.

▪ Is there funding available to help with travel/registration costs?
ICISS is unable to assist with travel or registration costs.

▪ My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?
Please contact iciss.org@outlook.com for assistance.